The Belle Meade Plantation Novels

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Grab a glassed of sweet iced tea and join me for a two-minute tour of Belle Meade Plantation in Nashville, Tennessee, the setting of To Whisper Her Name and To Win Her Favor.



The Belle Meade Plantation novels are "standalone novels" meaning that each book is a complete story and can be read independent of the others. But if you're going to read them all, you're encouraged to read them in order. As you read, keep close watch for characters from other series who just might make an appearance!

 To Whisper Her Name

the first standalone novel in the Belle Meade Plantation series
and a USA Today bestseller

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To Win Her Favor
the second standalone novel in the Belle Meade Plantation series

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Now meet some of the real people who lived and worked on the Belle Meade Plantation in the 1800s, and who are characters in the novel. As well as Ridley Adam Cooper and Olivia Aberdeen, the hero and heroine in To Whisper Her Name.


Meet Bob Green, the real head hostler and former slave at Belle Meade Plantation,
and a man that I fell a little in love with while writing To Whisper Her Name. 



Think you know thoroughbred history? Then think again.
I'd love to share the role that Belle Meade Plantation played in this arena…



One of my favorite parts about visiting Belle Meade Plantation is experiencing
the Old Harding Cabin. Let's venture in together... 



 Join me inside the Belle Meade Mansion for rarely seen footage
of this beautiful home and of the privileged life enjoyed
by a handful of Americans in the 19th century.


Did you know that many current day Kentucky Derby Winners
trace their lineage back to Belle Meade Plantation in the 1800s? It's true! 
Join me at the racetrack as we trace the bloodline of champions‚Ķ 

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