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A Beauty So Rare
the second standalone novel in the Belmont Mansion series

Christy Award finalist

"Bestseller Alexander will delight fans..."
Publishers Weekly about A Beauty So Rare 


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Tamera’s Complete Book List
by series, book order in the series, and ISBN number

Tamera's series books are considered "stand-alone" novels, meaning they can be read out of order. However, if you're planning to read all of the books in a series, you should read them in order for the most fulfilling story experience. 

Tamera's books are also available in Dutch, German, Polish, and Romanian.

All of Tamera's books are available in print, ebook, and audio. 

Fountain Creek Chronicles (3 book series)
  Bethany House Publishers 

Rekindled, Fountain Creek Chronicles, Book 1 (ISBN 0-7642-0108-5)

, Fountain Creek Chronicles, Book 2 (ISBN 0-7642-0109-3)

, Fountain Creek Chronicles, Book 3 (ISBN 0-7642-0110-7)


Timber Ridge Reflections (3 book series)
  Bethany House Publishers 

From a Distance, Timber Ridge Reflections, Book 1 (ISBN 978-0-7642-0389-3)

Beyond This Moment, Timber Ridge Reflections, Book 2 (ISBN 978-0-7642-0390-9)

Within My Heart, Timber Ridge Reflections, Book 3 (ISBN  978-0764203916)


Stand-alone novel (not part of a series)
  Thomas Nelson/Harper Collins Christian Publishing 

The Inheritance, Women of Faith Fiction (ISBN 978-1-59554-632-6)


Belmont Mansion novels (3 book series)*
  Bethany House Publishers 

A Lasting Impression, a Belmont Mansion novel, Book 1 (ISBN 978-0764206221)

A Beauty So Rare, a Belmont Mansion novel, Book 2 (ISBN 978-0764206238)

A Note Yet Unsung, a Belmont Mansion novel, Book 3 (releases January 2017)


Belle Meade Plantation novels (3 book series)*
  Zondervan/Harper Collins Christian Publishing 

To Whisper Her Name, a Belle Meade Plantation novel, Book 1 (ISBN 978-0310291060)

To Win Her Favor, a Belle Meade Plantation novel, Book 2 (ISBN 978-0310291077)

To Mend a Dream, a Belle Meade Plantation novella, releases July 2015 (ISBN 978-1401690731)

To Wager Her Heart, a Belle Meade Plantation novel, Book 3 (releases 2017, TBA) 


* Note from Tamera:

I’ve written the two three-book Southern series (the Belmont Mansion novels and the Belle Meade Plantation novels) to be read together. You don't have to wait for all three books in a particular series to release before reading the next series. All of the Southern mansion books are "stand alone" novels, meaning…each novel is a complete story in itself.

But because the families in the mansions knew one another and since their lives connected in the 1800s, it only made sense that they should connect again on the pages of these novels. So as you read a Belle Meade Plantation novel, for instance, you may catch a glimpse of a character from a Belmont Mansion novel. Stranger things have happened! Hope you enjoy...

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